Pull Up A Chair

See How GBLxAPI Works

Step 1 - Play A Game

See the GBLxAPI standard in using our 3 Digits game as a demonstration.  Designed in Unity this HTML 5 game will generate data to a learning record store as you play.
Part 1 of our game demo blog describes suggestions on how to play the game so you can see a variety of results in the learning locker store.  Read the xAPI K-12 game demo article here and play as much as you would like.

Step 2 - See The Data

Explore our demonstration learning record store.   Enter using demo@gblxapi.org  pw Demo!gblxapi18   -  See the xAPI statements that incorporate the GBLxAPI standard.

Step 3 - Visualize The Data

We have data! Now it is time to look at it visually.  Explore how we take raw xapi statement data from the LRS and create reports and charts in a dashboard.

Access to the reporting server will be available soon to community members that request it.  In the mean time here is a sneak peak at a dashboard created from the game demo data.  A small sampling of what is possible with the tool.
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