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Understanding the Core Vocabulary Blocks

The GBLxAPI vocabulary hierarchy for K-12 education is designed for worldwide use while also allowing for standards (ex. Common Core) to be incorporated into GBLxAPI statements.  The vocabulary includes seven major types:  Domain, Subdomain, Skill, Focus, Topic, Action and Grade.  These form the building blocks for including context based activity URIs describing specific learning experiences that can persist across multiple vendor educational products.

The core vocabulary types were designed based on research of exisiting standards (Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Framework), interviews with K-12 stakeholders (developers, researchers, educators, administrators), relevant past research efforts and current industry practices.  This resulted in core vocabulary types that could be used across English language arts and literacy, math, science and social studies.  This new vocabulary structure provides continuity across subject areas with room to include others in the future.

GBLxAPI statements include xAPI vocabularies that have already been contributed to by the xAPI community and can be found at the the publishing server here.  This includes the serious game profile that provides vocabulary for game-based learning. Explore the GBLxAPI vocabulary with hundreds of new permanent URIs primarily for context in statements.

Building Blocks of GBLxAPI Learning Analytics

The Vocabulary Types

Domain is a vocabulary type in the GBLxAPI profile used to represent terms and specific URIs at a high level of an educational category.  In educational standards, they are often referred to as domains or a discipline.

ELA Literacy Example: Writing  
Math Example:  Counting and Cardinality
Science Example: Energy
Social Studies Example: Civics

Educational Standards

Education standards including Common Core, Next Generation Standards and Social Studies C3 Framework were all researched to create the normalized vocabulary in the GBLxAPI community of practice.  

Common Core

Common Core standards can be included in GBLxAPI statments. Each common core element has a URI that would be the reference element to the context of the learning experience.  They are included in the GBLxAPI broader vocabulary as a reference.

Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science standards permanent URIs can be included as a reference element to the context of the learning experience. They will be included in the GBLxAPI broader vocabulary as a reference soon.  

C3 Framework

Social Studies C3 Framework standards permanent URIs have been created in the vocabulary for the GBLxAPI standard. Developers can reference standards to the context of the learning experiences if desired beyond the GBLxAPI social studies IDs. 


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