A GBLxAPI Profile Extension

A Core Building Block

Domain is an xAPI vocabulary extensions type in the GBLxAPI profile used to represent terms and specific URIs at a high level of an educational category.  In educational standards, they are often referred to as domains or a discipline.

xAPI Extension - Domain

The "Domain" xAPI context extension includes over 40 gblxapi URIs that support common contextual references for domains and diciplines for english language arts, math, science and social studies.  The URIs are part of the GBLxAPI vocabulary catalog to improve data normalization and interoperability across k-12 educational applications.  The URIs were developed during the research phase of this community project.


Domain IDs

GBLxAPI provides permanent URIs that can be used as ids related to the domain extension. These are context related to the learning experience.  An example for math domain would be counting and cardinality.  The URI id used in the array would be:

This provides a global id for counting and cardinality.  The xAPI statement could also include a related common core standard - CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4  The GBLxAPI URI for this would be  Common core standards are grade level specific but domains are not.

Here is a snippet from an xAPI statement for a GBLxAPI action item.

"": [
"description": {
"en-US": "Actor has been presented or interacted in experiences in the domain: History"
"name": {
"en-US": "History"
"id": ""
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