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Project Brief: Games for Change 2018

Every year the Games for Change organization holds their annual conference bringing together individuals and organizations that are making a positive impact on society with games.  The 2018 conference marked 15 years for Games for Change and the GBLxAPI project was there to brief the community on the project and announce it as a community of practice in the xAPI consortium.  The project brief presented the NSF research project as part of the Games for Learning Summit.

The presentation slides are provided in the slide share below. The project brief was presented by Stuart Claggett COO/CTO from Dig-iT! Games.  The game studio is leading this open source initiative with  principal Investigator Suzanne  Wilczynski Kheen CEO of Dig-iT! Games and Mr. Claggett.  Dig-iT! Games is providing the resources necessary to build upon the original research and launch this open-source initiative to the community. 


The project brief is a short presentation.  Topics presented in the slides can be investigated further using the links below and exploring the main website.
The new learning data and analytics standard, now known as GBLxAPI, began as a research project for the game-based learning industry lead by Dig-iT! Games.  Today the standard is in use in educational games and other K-12 products.  Dig-iT! Games has also represented that they are using xAPI in their casual entertainment games.  They have developed a C# API for the Unity game engine that will be released in a GBLxAPI GitHub repository.  An early JavaScript API in currently in development for games.  
Those interested in getting started with GBLxAPI should first join the community to stay up to date on the standard as it evolves.  We also recommend that you explore the game demo to better get a feel for how this new method for collecting learning data from K-12 applications works.  


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