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Embarking on a new analytics project using xAPI is an exciting opportunity for you and your organization to gain control of your learning data like never before.  Many will want to jump into the deep end of the xAPI pool and quickly generate xAPI statements from their learning applications.  That is what we did with a very early prototype and continued to learn best practices about how to formulate our statements and then create the reports stakeholders needed.  Eventually you will decide that it is time to move to production with real project and then you need to pause and plan.  Like most software projects, starting with design documents or procedures is a great best practice.


Many thanks to the folks at the E-Learning Guild for inviting us to share our experience finding xAPI and ultimately implementing it in learning games.  Our session 'SXAPI103 A Deep Dive on Implementing xAPI in Learning Games" reviewed how we started with silos of game data and create a learning game analytics platform at Dig-iT! Games using xAPI.  We shared how the project evolved, lessons learned and the importance of having an organized approach to context based URIs.  Participants were introduced to our open source community, the free Unity game engine API for using xAPI in serious games and additional tools.

K-12 Science xAPI NGSS Blog

The GBLxAPI project has now included the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the growing xAPI vocabulary catalog for K-12 applications. Developers of learning content can now include specific NGSS standards in addition to the science related vocabulary that are included in the global library.  In this article we will discuss the broader GBLxAPI science vocabulary and then how to incorporate the NGSS standards in your xAPI statements when necessary.


We are pleased to announce access to the GBLxAPI library Unity API asset for using xAPI in games and simulations. This article is provided to community members as guidance on how you can get started with a small pilot project implementing GBLxAPI into a K-12 game/application that has been developed using the Unity 3D engine with our community API for Unity. The instructions that follow assume that the product is a learning game however the same guidance would apply for use with using xAPI to collect data in a non-learning project. 


The GBLxAPI community has published a game and learning record store online for live demo use.  A version of the Dig-iT! Games 3 Digits game is available to play for free by anyone wishing to explore how this new method of capturing learning data from games and apps works.  This game is an educational game that teaches math skills while learning the Maya’s unique base 20 number system!  The game incorporates historical artifacts and information on the Maya culture.   

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