The History of GBLxAPI

Learning data and analytics for K-12 education digital applications

GBLxAPI Timeline

The Beginning

Exploring options and collecting ideas

March 2015

Dec 2016

NSF Grant

National Science Foundation Research

Public Annoucement

GBLxAPI Open Source Initiative Announced

July 2017

June 2018

xAPI Community Of Practice

GBLxAPI is announced as a K-12 community of practice in the XAPI community.

The Beginning

The GBLxAPI project started as an internal project at Dig-iT! Games where they were investigating a new way to update how they collected, analyzed and visualized learning outcomes from their educational games products. Their existing custom database solutions required costly maintenance and other third-party tools were not meeting new requirement expectations.  After a search of potential solutions, they adopted the new Experience API (xAPI) specification as a potential approach that could meet their requirements and open new possibilities for the broader K-12 community. They started initial prototyping on the potential use of xAPI in their game-based learning (GBL) products starting in late 2015.



National Science Foundation Research

In 2016, Dig-iT! Games proposed a research project to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to explore creating a standard for the GBL community using xAPI as a foundation after prototyping its potential use in game-based learning products.  The proposal was peer reviewed and an SBIR grant was awarded to Dig-iT! Games to develop a vocabulary and prototype for a potential standard for data collection, analysis and reporting for public good.  This research was completed in 2017 and a new vocabulary, Unity game engine API, and architecture for pilot prototypes was developed and tested.  GBLxAPI statements were created using the initial vocabulary from Unity and JavaScript engine games.  Data was captured in a learning record store and further analysis and dashboard reporting was performed in an enterprise class business analytics engine.


Public Open Source Project

In late 2017, the GBLxAPI initiative was formally announced to the public at as an open-source community initiative for digital K-12 educational applications, including game-based learning products. Dig-iT! Games continued work on refining the vocabulary and continuously tested the standard using game-based learning products.  Infrastructure was deployed so that the community could begin to pilot the new standard with their products.
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gblxapi logo for xapi K-12 community of practice

xAPI Community of Practice

In 2018, the GBLxAPI initiative was announced as a community of practice (COP) for K-12 educational applications within the xAPI community with a new logo as well.  The GBLxAPI project is delivering a controlled vocabulary and and a profile for the community as well as additional tools.

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