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A new community standard for capturing and reporting data
from K-12 educational applications based on xAPI
and for Unity xAPI developers.

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K-12 Learning Data Reinvented

Simplify Your Data and Reporting

Our Mission

The purpose of the GBLxAPI project is to simplify product development, make learning data interoperable, and increase data transparency.

A New Standard

The research based standard is a vocabulary designed for the K-12 learning that normalizes data across educational applications but remains flexible.


GBLxAPI is an xAPI community of practice for K-12 applications. Implmentation follows the new xAPI e-learning specification designed for the today and the future.

Learning Analytics

The GBLxAPI project goes beyond just a vocabulary and provides the tools to help you get started with the standard.  Contact us to start a pilot today.

The GBLxAPI Ecosystem

A community learning analytics platform for K-12 applications including game-based learning is ready to test.

The Vocabulary

Our research based vocabulary will get you started with English language arts, math, science and social studies applications.

No Risk Trial

The standard is free to use and can coexist with an existing learning data system. Collect interoperable data today even if you don't analyze it immediately.

Learning Platform

Use the community learning record store and analytics engine to get you started faster with GBLxAPI. Game developers can use the Unity game engine API.

xAPI Is Proven

Currently used by hundreds of corporations and government agencies, xAPI can record learning experiences almost anywhere and anytime.


If you missed our Oct 24 2018 DevLearn presentation "A Deep Dive on Implementing xAPI in Learning Games" at the xAPI Showcase you can see it in our new blog post.

What People Are Saying

Stakeholders want better data and may use more products if they get it
"We are always looking for data sets and having that all in one place from multiple games would allow us to see growth and progress.  I would be able to see trends from those reports and that would enable some action research."
"Having all data in one place would be easy and make me use games more often"
"The work that you are doing to help support technology integration in education and our schools is very much needed….. I need the data to justify continued use and purchases"
“If we did endorse a product there would need to be some data in order to show impact on specific learning.  So data is key when endorsing as a district wide product."

"The GBL industry needs solutions similar to those put forth in this proposal. The efforts described in the proposal could have a broad impact by addressing important issues related to effectively integration of GBL into the classroom and supporting overall industry growth."

“If executed, [this system] could provide data for personalized learning using GBL."

An Open Source

Become an early adopter and supporter by contributing your ideas and thoughts as we forge a path forward.  Educational application developers, educators, administrators and researchers are welcome.

NSF Project Support

The GBLxAPI project includes research based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Number: 1647935.  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website are those of the authors(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. 
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